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Hex Grid Heroes

Welcome to Hex Grid Heroes, a Starfinder (and later Dungeons & Dragons 5E) Homebrew Adventure Podcast. 

Jul 13, 2019

Due to scheduling conflicts within the crew I'm going to be launching the first of our interstitial series of episodes a little earlier than planned. Spaceport Stories will be infrequent episodes that will take place apart from the rest of the campaign. I've got big plans for them, from one-shots starring podcaster friends/fans to in-depth chats where I can delve a little more into lore and mechanics without boring/bogging down the story proper. With me this time is Shawn Pommier, the first fan of this podcast, and veritable font of ttrpg knowledge. I answer some of his questions about the setting of Starfinder, and he info dumps on a LOT of cool stuff that I'm definitely going to be play around with in the campaign.