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Hex Grid Heroes

Welcome to Hex Grid Heroes, a Starfinder (and later Dungeons & Dragons 5E) Homebrew Adventure Podcast. 

Dec 27, 2020

Some of the crates the crew is tasked with delivering have something extra hidden amongst them. Note to self: a homebrew crew's APL is technically much higher than previously thought. Increase difficulty.

Dec 20, 2020

Arriving at Skydock, the crew of the Bazaar Encounter take on the load they're expected to deliver, and are filled in on what's at stake before setting out for the Kizor system. 

Dec 13, 2020

The new crew of Hex Grid Heroes comes together and jets off towards the planet Verces.


Dec 6, 2020

This week I chat with Carol and DJ about their backgrounds in gaming, what sort of experience they have with Starfinder, and how we got started playing together. Love their energy, love their knowledge, this is gonna be a delightful season of our podcast.