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Hex Grid Heroes

Welcome to Hex Grid Heroes, a Starfinder (and later Dungeons & Dragons 5E) Homebrew Adventure Podcast. 

Nov 28, 2021

The crew of the Bazaar Encounter is still split up handling their own things. Brasha gets into a fight, Tallie gets a gig, Akim gets a client, Lemon gets a ride, and Keet has a truly touching and emotional moment at the Starfinder HQ. Seriously, the music for that scene was PERFECT.


In case I've not said it enough, starting this Thursday, December 2nd, and going biweekly from then, from 6-8pm EST you can start to see me stream the 'Horizons of the Vast' Adventure Path on Twitch! We're hexgridheroes there as well, so should be easy to find. I'm joined by some good friends of the show, and the VOD for this game will go up on YouTube after. I'm very excited for it and hope you can join me!